PLEASE NOTE: Not all certified CASps are listed – this will only display CASps who are members of CASI.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Andrew Burke Andrew Burke Sacramento, CA No
David Kelly David Kelly Yes
Steven Norris Steven Norris San Marcos, CA Yes (760) 839-7302
Boris Chichkanoff Boris Chichkanoff El Sobrante, CA Yes
Howard Taylor Howard Taylor Sacramento, CA Yes (916) 607-2950
John Mares John Mares Yes
Ida Clair Ida Clair No (916) 322-2490
Howard Schlottman Howard Schlottman Escondido, CA Yes (858) 336-9855
Susan Yuzuki Susan Yuzuki No
Donald Cushing Jr. Donald Cushing Jr. Pinole, Yes (510) 222-6030
Joseph Cyr Joseph Cyr No (650) 558-7270
Stephen Twist Stephen Twist Yes (530) 333-5118
Greg Thompson Greg Thompson Yes
Dora Lorente Dora Lorente Simi Valley, CA Yes (805) 404-4708
Josh Pino Josh Pino Yes (916) 808-6518
Chris Sircello Chris Sircello stateline, NV Yes (530) 318-4600
Glenn Dea Glenn Dea City of Industry, CA Yes (714) 470-5475
Michelle Winnecke Michelle Winnecke Yes
Jeff Foster Jeff Foster Yes
John Rodriguez John Rodriguez Whittier, CA Yes (562) 347-8005
Christina Yee Christina Yee Los Angeles, CA No (213) 625-2592
Debbie Wong Debbie Wong No
Heng Chow Heng Chow Yes (626) 715-5504
Lester Meu Lester Meu OAKLAND, CA Yes (510) 434-9888
James Swanson James Swanson Lincoln, CA Yes
David Lopez David Lopez Berkeley, CA No (510) 981-7441
Michael Silva Michael Silva Encino, CA Yes (818) 437-6568
Ann E. Wright Ann E. Wright Davis, CA Yes
Walter Pijeaux Walter Pijeaux Los Angeles, CA Yes (213) 399-3848
Mark Zakhour Mark Zakhour Lakewood, CA Yes (949) 293-2051