PLEASE NOTE: Not all certified CASps are listed – this will only display CASps who are members of CASI.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Image Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Shannon Mulhall Shannon Mulhall Fresno, CA No
Ashley Pitts Ashley Pitts No
Julian Cho Julian Cho Sacramento, CA Yes (714) 417-7858
Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez No
Zachary Nathan Zachary Nathan San Francisco, CA Yes (415) 701-0877
Gene Mattera Gene Mattera Port Charlotte, FL Yes (954) 854-5908
Fay Sueltz Fay Sueltz No
Angela Falla Angela Falla Sacramento, CA No (916) 787-5160
Robina Wright Robina Wright Fresno, CA Yes (559) 307-7232
Donald Rice Donald Rice VICTORVILLE, CA No (760) 964-8282
Jason James Jason James Yes (951) 526-7960
Steve Laszlo Steve Laszlo Yes
Ida Clair Ida Clair No (916) 322-2490
Michael Silva Michael Silva Encino, CA Yes (818) 437-6568
Joel Launchbaugh Joel Launchbaugh No
Rocky Burks Rocky Burks Yes
Binh Phan Binh Phan Los Angeles, CA No
Arturo Avila Arturo Avila Fresno, CA Yes (559) 994-9498
Scott McBrayer Scott McBrayer Yes
Lewis Springer Lewis Springer Loomis, CA Yes (916) 995-4795
Eduardo Santa Cruz Eduardo Santa Cruz Yes
Philip Mettler Philip Mettler Yes
Glenn Dea Glenn Dea City of Industry, CA Yes (714) 470-5475
Kam Chitalia Kam Chitalia No
Renante Yu Renante Yu San Ramon, CA Yes (925) 718-4272
Jeff Jensen Jeff Jensen Yes
Jasper Kirsch Jasper Kirsch Yes
Ernest Wuethrich Ernest Wuethrich Yes
Brian Clements Brian Clements No
Richard Traversi Richard Traversi Sacramento, CA No (916) 949-4244