Elizabeth Sorgman
Name: Elizabeth Sorgman
Certifications / Licenses: C19096
Access Inspections: Yes
I am a/an: CASp professional, Architect
I work for: Self-Employed
Inspections by County: Santa Barbara County

It has been quite the year for all of us as we navigate both our personal and our professional lives during these unprecedented times. Yet, despite these uncertain challenges, there have been many opportunities to reorganize, regroup, and to take a look at things in a fresh way - this includes CASI and our activities. We hope that you have followed and participated in the List-Serve questions; that you have been able to participate in one of our webinars and are setting time aside to attend next year’s CASI symposium. Working for the City of Santa Barbara’s Building Department and being one of the city’s CASp presents many opportunities to understand accessibility challenges and to also see common misapplication of the codes during the permitting and construction process. As Vice President, I hope to continue to expand our outreach to our members and to share practical approaches one can employ when dealing with jurisdictions. Continued dialog helps to raise awareness and provides opportunities for a better understanding of accessibility regulations and obligations.