PLEASE NOTE: Not all certified CASps are listed – this will only display CASps who are members of CASI.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Image Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Jeff McIver Jeff McIver No
William Hodges William Hodges No
Ernie Castro Ernie Castro Redondo Beach, CA Yes (949) 339-9429
Matthew Steele Matthew Steele Newport Beach, CA Yes (562) 212-4535
BJ Epstein BJ Epstein No
Mark Marsch Mark Marsch Ramona, CA Yes (760) 239-1409
Scott Fazekas Scott Fazekas No
Mehdi Shadyab Mehdi Shadyab No
Dora Lorente Dora Lorente Simi Valley, CA Yes (805) 404-4708
NEAL CASPER NEAL CASPER Yes (619) 741-1080
Brett Archibald Brett Archibald Irvine, CA No (949) 475-2901
Jeff Foster Jeff Foster Yes
Jeffrey Kao Jeffrey Kao No
Michael Loomis Michael Loomis Foster City, CA No (408) 314-5652
Fay Sueltz Fay Sueltz No
Kelly Bray Kelly Bray Fresno, CA Yes (559) 440-1800
Paul Joelson Paul Joelson San Diego, CA Yes (619) 788-7172
Allison Rush Allison Rush Yes
Robert Gray Robert Gray No
Alice Chen Alice Chen No
Bryan Moffitt Bryan Moffitt No
Richard Fenton Richard Fenton Yes
Paul Klein Paul Klein Marysville, CA Yes (530) 870-3941
Keith David Keith David Yes (661) 747-2075
Saul Pichardo Saul Pichardo Yes
Glenn Dea Glenn Dea City of Industry, CA Yes (714) 470-5475
Robert Cooley Robert Cooley San Ramon, CA Yes (408) 515-7607
David Stuber David Stuber Yes
yousif yousif yousif yousif No
Jeff Bytheway Jeff Bytheway No