PLEASE NOTE: Not all certified CASps are listed – this will only display CASps who are members of CASI.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Image Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Dora Lorente Dora Lorente Simi Valley, CA Yes (805) 404-4708
Eric McSwain Eric McSwain Yes (805) 541-2745
Bill Zellmer Bill Zellmer Roseville, CA Yes (916) 566-4822
Richard Mckay Richard Mckay Yes
Ida Clair Ida Clair No (916) 322-2490
Dan Woosley Dan Woosley No (205) 972-9100
Glenn Dea Glenn Dea City of Industry, CA Yes (714) 470-5475
William Bergstrom William Bergstrom Yes
Zachary Nathan Zachary Nathan San Francisco, CA Yes (415) 701-0877
Robina Wright Robina Wright Fresno, CA Yes (559) 307-7232
Joseph Burroughs Joseph Burroughs Yes
Harold Bravo Harold Bravo Yes
David King David King No
Mark Tudor Mark Tudor La Canada, CA Yes (626) 422-0389
Wai Lau Wai Lau No
Eric Hagen Eric Hagen Arroyo Grande, CA No (805) 712-3957
Robert Patsiga Robert Patsiga Long Beach, CA Yes (562) 235-9997
Troy Milburn Troy Milburn Granite Bay, CA Yes (916) 742-1934
FAY Sueltz, AIA, CASI FAY Sueltz, AIA, CASI Yes (858) 405-3934
Robert Crandall Robert Crandall Yes
Walter Pijeaux Walter Pijeaux Los Angeles, CA Yes (213) 399-3848
Dominick Octavio Dominick Octavio No (559) 760-1408
Norm Dyer Norm Dyer No
Randy Wood Randy Wood ESCONDIDO, CA No (858) 229-3534
Josh Pino Josh Pino Yes (916) 808-6518
Mark Hulme Mark Hulme Pasadena, Yes (626) 792-6842
Regina Mauro Regina Mauro Aliso Viejo, CA Yes (949) 724-6546
Mark Wood Mark Wood Marysville, CA Yes (530) 681-7903
Lynsey Johnson Lynsey Johnson Yes
Susan OBrien Susan OBrien Campbell, CA No (408) 370-1585