PLEASE NOTE: Not all certified CASps are listed – this will only display CASps who are members of CASI.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Image Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Soyoung Ward Soyoung Ward Yes
Paul Klein Paul Klein Marysville, CA Yes (530) 870-3941
Roxanna Recinos-Serna Roxanna Recinos-Serna No
Michael Loomis Michael Loomis Foster City, CA No (408) 314-5652
Leslie Nelson Leslie Nelson Yes
Sandra Miles Sandra Miles Pauma Valley, CA Yes (858) 344-1171
Fay Lorraine Sueltz Fay Lorraine Sueltz Yes
Karen Haney Karen Haney Yes (949) 646-3756
Brian Visher Brian Visher No
Peter Robertson Peter Robertson Santa Barbara, CA Yes (805) 569-2245
Robert Cooley Robert Cooley San Ramon, CA Yes (408) 515-7607
Christine Calabrese Christine Calabrese Oakland, CA No (510) 517-6515
martin whitcomb martin whitcomb tujunga, CA No (818) 352-9555
James L Terry James L Terry Yes
Michelle Davis Michelle Davis Chicago Park, CA Yes (530) 863-3849
Richard Halloran Richard Halloran Daly City, CA Yes (414) 558-6110
Troy Milburn Troy Milburn Granite Bay, CA Yes (916) 742-1934
Dwight Ashdown Dwight Ashdown San Francisco, CA Yes (414) 552-5126
David Anderson David Anderson North Hills, CA Yes (818) 314-1796
Christian Finn Christian Finn No
Philip Yin Philip Yin Anaheim, CA Yes
Phuoc Nguyen Phuoc Nguyen Cypress, CA No (714) 421-2001
Ted Nakasuji Ted Nakasuji Long Beach, CA Yes (562) 818-3573
Rosemarie Ruder Rosemarie Ruder Yes
Mary Wolford Mary Wolford No (619) 236-7246
L Karlene Gullone L Karlene Gullone Yes
Tim Carver Tim Carver Rancho Cordova, CA No (916) 635-9898
David Little David Little Clovis , CA Yes (559) 593-2274
Glenn Dea Glenn Dea City of Industry, CA Yes (714) 470-5475
Doug Andresen Doug Andresen Yes