Michelle Davis
Name: Michelle Davis
Certifications / Licenses: Architect
Address: PO Box 287 , Chicago Park , CA , 95712 , MAP
Access Inspections: Yes
I am a/an: CASp professional, Architect
I work for: Private (Including Not For Profit))
Phone: 5308633849

Hello fellow CASI members!  My name is Michelle Davis and I am your Director of Public Outreach.  I am asking for your vote for another term in this position.

During my time with CASI, we have made great progress.  My number one goal was to update our website and make more information available to the general public, who may be looking for information about CASp services and benefits.  I am happy to say that we did achieve that goal at the beginning of this year.  While our site still needs more content, and websites always need fresh content, I am confident that as a group, we will continue to add and refine the information there.

CASI also developed a handout and brochure for distribution to the public.  Our goal is to make it available to every Chamber of Commerce and business license agency in the state, so they can use it to let business owners know that we are available to assist them.  The brochure is available in English now, and we hope to translate it into other languages as well.

I have also been active in working with the other board members and our Legislative Chair in keeping an eye on pending legislation that affects our work as CASps.  CASI does not take a position that advocates for either business or disability groups.  CASI does ask for clarity or modifications when proposed laws are unclear or appear to affect our work.  To that end, CASI has been very effective in having a strong voice with our state lawmakers, and I am pleased to have been a part of it.  We do make a difference.

While the website update and brochure development were huge accomplishments, there is still more work to be done and I would be honored to be voted in for a second term as Director of Public Outreach.  I would continue to refine the new website and reach out to business groups and public agencies to get the word out about the benefits of hiring a CASp.  Thank you for your vote.