Friday, March 30, 2018

Today the Justice Department reached an agreement under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) after an investigation revealed that Union Parish Detention Center (UPDC), a correctional facility in Farmerville, Louisiana, held a detainee with HIV in isolated, segregated housing for approximately six months because he has HIV.

Under the agreement, UPDC agrees not to segregate detainees in the future on the basis of their HIV status, to adopt nondiscrimination policies, to designate an ADA coordinator, to establish an ADA complaint procedure, to inform all members of the UPDC staff of this settlement agreement, and to train all staff annually on HIV and nondiscrimination obligations. In addition, UPDC will pay $27,500 in damages to the complainant.

People interested in finding out more about the ADA or this agreement may call the toll-free ADA Information Line

at 1-800-514-0301 or 1-800-514-0383 (TDD), or access the ADA website at

 Article Credit: U.S. Department of Justice

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