Tuesday, November 25th, 2014     

The CASI Mission is to be the voice of access professionals as well as a resource for both its members and the public. As the organization has continued to grow – it is good to see that we’re making traction to that end. Check out the recent letter provided to CASI member Janis Kent from the CCDA:

Janis Kent, 

You and your organization was recommended  to the California Commission on Disability Access, (CCDA) as an individual  to honor and highlight at our Community Stakeholders Gathering ….. While many were considered, your efforts in creating “access for all” stood out amongst them all.  That is why during Disability Awareness Month we are taking the extra time to recognize those achievements in California.


Angela Jemmott,

Thank you Angela for your kind works (and congratulations Janis on some well-deserved recognition) – CASI looks forward to continuing to work with you both in order to influence positive change in access through awareness and proactive adaptation of the built environment.