Steven Schraibman
Name: Steven Schraibman
Certifications / Licenses: Architect, Certified Cost Estimator, General Contractor
Access Inspections: Yes
I am a/an: CASp professional, Architect, Contractor
I am a/an (other): Certified Professional Estimator
I work for: Private (Including Not For Profit))
Inspections by County: Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco
Inspection Availability: Monday - Morning

Steven Schraibman, is one of only a few experts who holds concurrent licenses in Architecture, Certified Cost Estimating and General Contracting and is also ADA CASp Certified. These licenses, certifications and a wide range of experience give him unique insight into a broad range of construction and design issues that might ordinarily be covered by several experts/consultants. Steven has worked extensively as a construction and design consultant with respect to construction management, construction defects, storm water mitigation, disabled access compliance, personal injury, peer review, due diligence and construction claims. He is also a Certified Safety Assessment Inspector with the Government Office of Emergency Services, (OES) and is a retired deputy of the San Diego Sheriffs Office and holds the title of Commander with the Honorary San Diego Sheriffs Office. Steven regularly presents seminars in these various areas to design professionals, contractors, attorneys and building and home owners and has lectured at San Diego State University in construction practices and construction cost estimating. This extensive academic and experiential background has a fundamental impact on the unique perspective he brings to his forensic work.