Alma Alejandra Warner
Name: Alma Alejandra Warner
Access Inspections: No
I am a/an: CASp professional
I work for: Public Agency

Alejandra Warner "Alex" has spent more than 30 years working in the planning, design, and construction of municipal facilities.   Alex is specialized in accessible design with more than 25 years of experience, ensuring that people of all abilities can enjoy the facilities built by the City of San Diego. She has a B. Degree in Architecture and is a Certified Access Specialist.

Alex has worked for several departments for the City of San Diego, Park and Recreation, Engineering and Capital Projects, and currently for the Sustainability and Mobility Department for the ADA Compliance and Accessibility Section.


She oversees the City's structural compliance program. Because of her extensive experience, she is consulted for a wide range of projects, from transportation projects to municipal buildings and recreational facilities, on the application of accessibility requirements. In addition, she provides comprehensive scopes, reviews construction documents, and writes guidelines to ensure meeting the accessibility requirements.

Ms.  Warner loves deeply understanding the codes and developing standards for a more accessible and inclusive design of public right-of-way facilities. She loves sharing her knowledge and believes that education and training provide awareness and thus are essential to provide a more accessible built environment. She would also like to see more engineering staff obtain their CASp certification and incorporate their knowledge into everyday practice increasing accessibility.