Al (Carl) Thompson
Name: Al (Carl) Thompson
Access Inspections: Yes

I have been in the construction field for over 30 years. Projects were both national and internationally. I am or have been a licensed contractor in Hawaii, California, New Mexico and Florida. I have been involved assisting the disabled prior to entering the construction industry. Our firm began specializing in access compliance approximately eight years ago. I became a Certified Access Specialist in 2012 and joined CASI thereafter. Our firm has met many challenges helping the general public meet not only their legal requirement but moral duty to assist those so requiring assistance. Many times the challenge is “how” to meet those needs with a limited budget. I believe through discussion groups, raised public awareness and professional training of the professionals involved our industry, we can meet the common goal of providing greater access to those in need. If elected, I plan to assist CASI providing resources to the general public and the construction industry.