Joseph  Burroughs
Name: Joseph Burroughs
Certifications / Licenses: ICC Building Inspector, ICC Plans Examiner, ICC Electrical Inspector, ICC Plumbing Inspector, ICC Mechanical Inspector, CASp
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CBC 1102A.3


I'm request clarification on the following code language.....

The minimum number of multi-family dwelling units which must comply with this section shall be calculated using the total number of all multistory dwelling units in buildings on a site which are subject to this section. Any fraction thereof shall be rounded to the next highest whole number.


Is the minimum number based on per building or the entire site?

Is there any requirement to disperse the accessibilty standards among the different types of floor plans with different amenities? 

I understand 10% of the multistory units are required to have an accessible entrance, powder room, all rooms and spaces on the primary entry level and common use areas shall comply with the standards. 


Thank you,

Joe Burroughs

Building Plan Examiner