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CASI Discussion Group

The purpose of the Bimonthly Discussion Group is to connect CASI members to discuss various aspects of the California Building Code and federal accessibility standards.

Topic: California Building Code (CBC) 11B-247.1 Detectable Warnings
Date: Friday, May 19, 2023
COST: FREE to CASI Members

Thank you for being interested in our recent code discussion group on May 19th 2023.

In this session, we will discuss: CBC 11B-247.1 Detectable Warnings

In California, detectable warnings (truncated domes) seem to be everywhere. Why? The ADA Standards and California Building Code requirements for detectable warning surfaces differ. We will discuss where detectable warnings are required, their minimum technical specifications, requirements for installation, and where the code explicitly does not allow them.

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For the upcoming CASI discussion group, come prepared with your code book, your thinking cap, and a willingness to engage. 

Participants were divided into a breakout group. Each breakout group had 25 minutes
to discuss a scenario, guided by a CASI facilitator. Then, reconvened as a
whole and a representative from each breakout group had up to 5 minutes to
present their group's findings and interpretations.

In this session we will be discussing several CBC sections including:

  • General application of CBC 11B 247.1  scoping requirements within facilities and on the right of way.
  • Technical requirements of 11B-705 Detectable Warnings.
  • All the areas where the code does not allow DWTs

A max of (1) one continuing education credit is offered based on a person's duration of live attendance. Credit may count towards DSA CASp certification and/or CAB architect credit, to be self reported.

The Discussion Groups are available FREE to CASI members only. Registration is required.