CASI Ride Along Program
The Ride Along Program was designed as a mentoring program. The intent is to provide people who have minimal CASp work a chance to experience a survey with someone who has more experience and at the same time allowing someone with more experience to get assistance for the day.
Typically there is no remuneration since it generally takes a bit longer to do the survey and explain the methodology even with extra field assistance, but this is something that can be discussed as more experience is gained. 
If you are interested in serving as a host or observer, please complete the online registration form located below:
A CASI Associate will review your information and connect you with someone who meets your criteria. We encourage you to connect and be a Ride Along with several Hosts and Hosts to connect with various Ride Alongs to get extra assistance. 
CASI does not have a standard methodology and it would be beneficial to see how others perform their work. And do remember that you are assisting a CASp with their client…professionalism, professionalism. Let us know how it goes.