Elizabeth Sorgman
Name: Elizabeth Sorgman
Certifications / Licenses: C19096
Access Inspections: Yes
I am a/an: CASp professional, Architect, Plan Checker/Inspector
I am a/an (other): plans examiner
I work for: Public Agency
Inspection Availability: Saturday - Morning

Professional Background

I have been a California Registered Architect for almost 35 years and a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As a native of Santa Barbara I have been fortunate enough to work both in the private and public sectors during my professional career. It has been exciting to work in my home town and also to raise my family here. I have been a Plans Examiner for the County and the City of Santa Barbara and have also been self- employed for a good part of my career. My private practice included residential and commercial projects. I was also the first CASp specialist to gain certification for the City of Santa Barbara Building Department. It has been very rewarding to continue learning about the nuances of accessibility and its impact on the built environment.


My experience of having worked on “both sides of the counter” allows me to bring a unique perspective to the CASI Board. I can empathize with the issues faced by many architects as they navigate the permitting process and I am well aware of the frustrations that Jurisdictions tackle when construction documents lack sufficient information to confirm compliance with the codes. As a Certified Access Specialist for the City of Santa Barbara I am committed to addressing the issues faced by our disabled community. At times, a keen review of the plans allows the opportunity to problem solve a design solution that is simple and more intuitive than originally anticipated.