Locate an Associate member in your area. This list includes individuals who are involved in positions associated with the field of construction-related accessibility codes and regulations OR organizational representatives with the construction industry engaged in research, design, development, testing, manufacture, distribution, inspection, or training in the fields of accessible building and construction products or systems.

Inspection Availability
County Inspected
Name Location Access Inspection Phone
Erika McCaffrey Erika McCaffrey No
P. Kyle Holloway P. Kyle Holloway No
Sally Swanson Sally Swanson Yes
David Boyne David Boyne San Diego, CA No (858) 385-9095
Ray Villanueva Ray Villanueva No
Debra Smith Debra Smith No
Bryan Moffitt Bryan Moffitt No
Michael Lynch Michael Lynch Sacramento, CA No (916) 833-1575
Gary R Maraviglia Gary R Maraviglia No
Christine Lim Christine Lim No
Eugene Benson Eugene Benson No
Scott Karlin Scott Karlin Tustin, CA No (714) 731-3233
Fred Pantoja Fred Pantoja No
Justin Kerfoot Justin Kerfoot No
Marlene Tuthill Marlene Tuthill No
Brad Schultz Brad Schultz No
Michael Arias Michael Arias No
Tracey Delisle Tracey Delisle No
Martin Hurtado Martin Hurtado Yes
Alfredo Vasquez Alfredo Vasquez No
Gaila Barnett Gaila Barnett No
Michael Merino Michael Merino No
Alisha Durbrow Alisha Durbrow No
Gene Gomes Gene Gomes Turlock, CA No
Russell Aaker Russell Aaker No
Karina Lairet Karina Lairet No
Douglas Metzger Douglas Metzger Yes
Bill Tott Bill Tott No
Craig Thomson Craig Thomson Vista, CA Yes (760) 940-6106